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Chelmsford Museum external banners and signing
Chelmsford Museum external banners and signingChelmsford Museum 'Industrial' galleryThe Essex Regiment Museum within Chelmsford MuseumChelmsford Museum 'Bright Sparks' galleryChelmsford Museum external signing
Chelmsford Museum & The Essex Regiment Museum

Consisting of over 300 graphics items – the museum graphic style had to bridge the existing original Victoria museum and the modern extension. The graphic explores the history of Chelmsford's schools, its shops, hospitals, churches, prisons, public houses, and people, sports, festivals and music.

The new extension also includes the graphics for the new Essex Regiment Museum telling the story of the Essex Regiment and the Essex Yeomanry.

Outside the Museum we designed all the external directional signs within the park.

Client: Chelmsford Borough Council
3D designer: Ronayne Design
Completion: 2010